Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST200 and 1.0 Ecoboost

Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST Dreamscience Stratagem Imap remap handset


Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST DS IMap Stratagem Handset.

The latest in reflashing software for your ST. Proven gains and easy to use.

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Software handset with all you need for getting maxiumum performance from your Ford Mk8 Fiesta ST
Comes with a range of software to suit mild to wild Ford Fiesta ST Mk8, easy to use and proven performance with a choice of maps for your current modification/hardware level. We offer support and advice if required and can send dyno graphs on request.

Fiesta ST MK8 (1.5T)


DS Ultima. (Low Torque)

A great entry level Tune file for standard cars. This file will produce around 218bhp 240ftlb with the use of correct fuel grade and at cool ambient temperatures. This file will work with cars that have a lane filter fitted. Always use 99RON Fuel. We advise to use V-power99


DS Ultima+ (High Torque)

The next level up from the Ultima tune. This is designed to work with our Panel filters and makes up one half of our stage 1 kit. This Tune file should make up to 225bhp  and 285ftlb of torque when set up correctly. Results are best with bolt on modifications such as Air scoops, intake, GPF removal to achieve optimum power. Although the peak HP increase is impressive, it is the whopping 50bhp increase in the mid range that sets this map apart from the other remaps on the market. This is where you will feel the biggest difference in performance and the results will portray this on the road/track where it matters! Not just a dyno graph. This will turbo your fiesta into an extremely quick car on the road.


DS Ultima 2. 

Our latest stage 1 remap for the MK8 ST. MAP ONLY, this car will comfortably make between 225bhp and 232bhp with no modifications. There is a mid range increase of over 17ftlbs torque and 10bhp compared to the previous DS Ultima+ ‘MAP ONLY’. Although we quote around 32bhp increase over standard, we have customers running this tune with very basic bolt on mods have achieved 252bhp on independent dyno’s.

This is a brand new map which was finalised on the 12/11/2019. During this time we have had plenty of time to analyse and compare characteristics of other tune files that are currently available for the ST MK8. Although peak power on our MAP ONLY stage 1 only achieves a few more horse power compared to others on the market, where our map sets apart from the rest is the huge mid to high rev range power delivery (over 60bhp!) Where real road driving happens. This where you will get that ever so additive shove in your seat feeling with a map that will just keep pulling and pulling. Ideal for track days or competitive fast road driving. DS Ultima 2 is a map with extreme character and was designed with more that just dyno figures in mind.


DS have created a map that doesn’t lose its OEM heritage and benefits. When driven in standard mode, Eco features such as cylinder deactivation and stop start are still active as they are on the stock map. When the sport button is activated, this is where the magic happens. Not just performance, But sharper burble between gear changes, improved crackles in natural and instant throttle response. You wont even need to ‘floor it’ to know the car has come alive. When you do, you know your getting that legendary Dreamscience performance that will keep pinning you back!

DS Ultima 2 will also be available with full launch control as a separate, optional custom tune file (coming soon). All updates are available via email. With multiple tune files to choose from the iMap-E6, You’ll be glad to know you can choose between your tune files an unlimited amount of times when loaded on your same VIN number.


With the ST MK8 being a new vehicle, warranty is one of the main talking points when it comes to tuning. Of course now, there is not a single company that can offer a remap that is covered under Ford warranty for the MK8 ST. There a few tuners that have software that can return to the car to stock settings through various ways. (Which sounds great in theory) . However, the iMap-E6, is one of the only, if not THE only platforms that allow you to return to stock settings without resetting the ignition counter.

What does this mean? Other competitors on the market can put the car to stock, but this resets ignition counters and clears history of when the car has been mapped. So the cars information will show that the car, for example has done over 5000 miles but without turning the ignition on once. Which can look pretty suspicious. However, the iMap-E6 does not reset the ignition counter when the user selects return to stock. Which is why it has proven so popular on new vehicles for over 5 years. To date, we have had no issues when following this process. The stock file is built into the iMap-E6 so even if you are currently running another map, the iMap will over write and still give you the option to return to stock settings.

Dreamscience work very closely with SCT (One of the biggest tuning companies in the U.S) to develop this tune. This partnership has ensured that we have the very latest device hardware technology, plus an unrivalled resource of combined tuning knowledge and experience. This DS Ultima 2 tune file has been filtered and analyzed by a team of over 10 tuning experts for not only optimum performance but for reliability. There are multiple safety parameters built into this map to ensure there is no unnecessary stress on the engine or other components on the vehicle. Through this process we have been able to build an exceptional reputation, making the iMap arguably the most recognizable plug n play handset for ST & RS models. Plus, with over 15,000 stratagem tuning handsets sold, you know Dreamscience is a brand you can confidently trust to tune your ST.


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Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST Dreamscience Stratagem Imap remap handset

Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST Dreamscience Stratagem Imap remap handset

Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST DS IMap Stratagem Handset.

The latest in reflashing software for your ST. Proven gains and easy to use.

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