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Mk2 Ford Focus ST225 Motorsport S6 Driveshafts


Motorsport S6 Driveshafts for Mk2 Ford Focus ST225

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Dreamscience M-sport Driveshafts are engineered to the highest possible standard. They are designed to have superior strength, tolerance, and reliability over the OEM shafts. Ideally suited for high power conversions, fast road conditions and track day use.

It is common knowledge that the OEM driveshafts fitted to the Ford Focus ST225 can be delicate and easily damaged when used in a spirited manner. They suffer from regular CV boot failure and in extreme cases the have been known to shear when used on Track. To tackle these common problems ,dreamscience have applied their Extensive Vehicle knowledge and Automotive Engineering skills to develop an "off-the-shelf" Motorsport grade driveshaft for the Ford Focus ST225 to eradicate all known common faults associated to the OEM shaft.

The M-sport shafts are a direct replacement for the OEM driveshafts; no modifications are required to fit them to your car, they are the perfect addition to modified and un-modified ST225s. They offer superior strength and reliability weather your car is standard, lightly modified or Heavily modified without compromising the factory ride quality.

The Dreamscience m-sport Driveshafts have been extensively tested on the Bench, on the Road and on Track, the driveshaft is constructed from High tensile Steel that has been heated treated to add to their already impressive strength, when fully assembled and tested they have been proven to be over Five times as strong as the OEM shafts*.

Due to the nature of this set up you may feel some feedback through the drive train which is characteristic of any Motorsport grade product. However with the Motorsport balanced hollow shaft the feel of the driveshaft is similar to OEM but with Motorsport strength, versitility and reliability!

The Motorsport drive shafts are well refined, and are hollow which offers better balance, lighter weight and less feed back through the drive train. This is ideal for finely set up and tuned track cars, as well as standard cars.

Key Features of the Dreamscience M-sport Driveshafts:

  • High speed balanced Driveshafts bars
  • Hollow main shaft design for smoother operation
  • Engineered from Heat treated, High-tensile, motorsport grade Steel
  • Upgraded, high tensile, Motorsport grade steel Inboard CV Cups
  • Upgraded and enlarged Inboard CV tripods
  • Upgraded, high tensile steel O/S inner shaft equipped with a high speed Bearing
  • Upgraded and enlarged "6 bearing" Outer CV joint
  • Upgraded Thermoplastic outer CV boot
  • Upgraded and resized Neoprene inboard CV boots
  • Motorsport Grease in all CV joints
  • Price advertised is for a complete pair (1 x short & 1 x long driveshaft)

We have developed this new shaft as a +5mm

"+5mm" = Best suited for all cars, standard & lowered more than 30mm so KW V1, V3, Clubsport etc

The reason for the slight extra length is simple, when a car has been lowered it pulls the tripod further out of the cup which causes it to be weaker, it will prematurely fail and you may also pick up wobble and vibration. This new +5mm configuration is ideal for those running standard suspension ride height now who intend to lower their car in the future, and for those people who have already lowered their car with springs, coil overs etc. This now means you have a drive shaft which is designed to last through the evolution of suspension and power adjustment without having to change your drive shafts.

DIY Fitting

These drive shafts are a simple direct replacement for the OEM ones and fit in the exact same manner. Ensure when fitting the Motorsport shafts, you pull the splined end of the shafts all the way into the hub. Before fitting the new shafts clean the inner hubs where the female spline section is with a wire brush to remove all debris, and use a gentle lubricant to ensure the new shafts go into the hub as far as the OEM ones did. These new drive shafts have a much finer tollerance and need to be drawn into the hub, they wont just slide all the way in, this allows greater strength and alleviates the annoying clicking noise made by many oem shaft splines. Do not use Locktite on these shaft splines!!!!

Please allow 48 Hours after ordering your shafts for them to be assembled, balanced & inspected prior to dispatch.


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Mk2 Ford Focus ST225 Motorsport S6 Driveshafts

Mk2 Ford Focus ST225 Motorsport S6 Driveshafts

Motorsport S6 Driveshafts for Mk2 Ford Focus ST225

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