Ford Fiesta Mk7 ST180

The new kid on the block, the Fiesta ST180 is winning a fans worldwide, thanks to terrific styling, high build quality and a healthy dose of Ford fun!
Take your car to the next level with some genuine enhancements to what the good Ford gave you! 

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  • Tuning Packages

    Ford Fiesta ST180 Tuning Packages. Save £££ with a package deal! Uprate your intercooler, exhaust, induction and gain power from your Focus ST!

  • Intercooler

     Ensure you have control over your charge temperatures. Gain horsepower and torque with an uprated intercooler!

  • Silicon Hoses

    Refresh the look of your engine bay and increase reliability with some uprated silicon hoses. Able to withstad higher pressures and temperatures than standard rubber equipment.

  • Suspension / Bushes /...

    Sharp handling has become something Ford are well known for, but it can be improved!

    ND Tuning cater for a variety of uses with suspension kits, Polyurathane bush kits and strut braces to tighten up your ride for the pinnacle in handling. Reward yourself with some real driving pleasure!

  • Brakes

    By improving your braking, you will make the car into a faster and safer vehicle from point to point. Having confidence in your braking system allows for later braking and increases safety by shortening stopping distance and minimising the chance of brake fade.

    Uprated fluid, lines, pads, discs and calipers are the way forward with various options depending on planned use and budget.

  • Induction

    Improve your airflow and gain power with a free flowing induction kit!

  • Quickshifter

    Sharpen sloppy gearchanges and shorten the throw with a quick shift conversion.

  • Exhaust

    Fitting an uprated exhaust system will enhance the noise, free up the revs and increase power!

  • Engine

    The Fiesta ST180 engine is powerful from factory, but able and willing to produce so much more with some well chosen modifications.

    When parts naturally fail, it's common tuning sense to not only replace, but upgrade. ND Tuning have it covered!

  • Transmission

    When you increase power and torque, you will soon find the limit of the standard drivetrain.

    Uprated clutches help cope with the increasingly heavy demands of fast road users. Changing the differential can have a huge impact on handling and grip levels. Make your tyres do the work, and uprate your drivetrain!

  • Exterior Styling
  • Turbo Charger

    Ford Fiesta ST180 Turbo Charger

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Showing 1 - 12 of 78 items