Mk6 Astra J VXR

While often underated, the punchy VXR offers real rewards when tuned. Able to see off the advances from the Ford and Renault threats within it's class. Control the handling with suspension upgrades and increase power to create a true fast road VXR!

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  • Suspension / Rollbar /...

    Improve your grip, roadholding and handling with suspension, polyurathane bushes and uprated anti-roll bars.

  • Exhausts

    The exhaust is an instrument that plays your engines song! Standard exhaust systems are a huge restriction. Release the noise and power from your car! 

  • Intercooler

    The VXR intercooler design is not the greatest and when tuned the ACT's can dramatically rise, costing power and potentially causing engine damage. Ensure you have control over your charge temperatures. Gain horsepower and torque with an uprated intercooler!

  • Induction

    Gain power and lift the induction roar!

  • Brakes

    Improve your stopping power!

  • Engine

    When parts naturally fail, it's common tuning sense to not only replace, but upgrade. This section details many of the popular Vauxhall upgrades from turbo coolers to piston and rod kits. ND Tuning have it covered!

  • Silicon Hoses

    Silicon hoses can refresh an engine bay but there are also performance benefits from uprating your hoses. High quality silicon hoses can handle higher pressures and temperature ranges than the standard OE rubber.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items