Ford Fiesta ST150

The Ford Fiesta ST150 is a popular route into fast Ford ownership, with naturally aspirated, turbo and supercharging all as viable tuning paths, they are highly rewarding to modify and personalise. The nimble chassis provides huge fun once certain areas are upgraded.

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  • Exhaust

    The Fiesta ST150 has an almost comically restrictive exhaust system. Well known to release genuine power gains with simple upgrades. As much as 25bhp can be gained on a standard car with the right components! Bring your ST150 to life with a stainless steel exhaust system. Unlock the power and noise!

  • Radiator

    The Fiesta Mk6 and ST150 is starved of upgrades for the overworked cooling system. ND-Tuning has it covered!

    Upgrade your tired radiator or safe guard your engine when tuning or using on track with a large capacity all alloy intercooler. Control those water temperatures!

  • Intercooler

    There was no factory option for forced induction on the Fiesta ST150, but the tuners and modifiers have made a market for intercooling thanks to some amazing Turbo and Supercharged Fiesta's out there. We are proud to supply the finest intercooling option available from Airtec. Stabilize those charge temps!

  • Induction

    Increase airflow, gain power and free up the revs with an induction kit. Bring your ST150 to life!

  • Brakes

    Enhance your stopping power!

  • Suspension

    Refresh the handling with a specific suspension kit, allowing for faster cornering and more driver feedback.

  • Engine

    The heart of any good car, is a good engine. Ensure yours remains in perfect condition and it will reward you for it with years of reliable service. Or rebuild yours, faster and stronger than before!

  • Transmisson

    When you increase power and torque, you will soon find the limit of the standard drivetrain.

    Uprated clutches help cope with the increasingly heavy demands of fast road users. Changing the differential can have a huge impact on handling and grip levels. Make your tyres do the work, and uprate your drivetrain!

  • Exterior Styling
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Showing 1 - 12 of 55 items