Skoda VRS

The VRS range are often underestimated but provide a solid performance platform for the driver. Improve yours with some ND Tuning upgrades to stay ahead!

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  • Intercooler

    Lower your air charge temperatures and gain power with an uprated intercooler!

  • Suspension /...

    Improve your handling and road holding, control your power and torque!

  • Brakes

    Increase your stopping power!

  • Exhaust

    The exhaust is an instrument that plays your engines song! Standard exhaust systems are a huge restriction. Release the noise and power from your car! 

  • Engine

    The heart of any good car, is a good engine. Ensure yours remains in perfect condition and it will reward you for it with years of reliable service. Or rebuild yours, faster and stronger than before!

  • Induction

    Getting air into the engine is always the starting point of basic engine tuning fundamentals. More air= More Power!

    Couple your induction kit with an exhaust for the very best results. Lifting the power and torque, while providing an exciting deep roar! It's a must!

  • Silicon Hoses

    Skoda VRS Silicon Hoses

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Showing 1 - 12 of 45 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 45 items